A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it’s time to leave the playground and face adulthood.


Yes God Yes!

Fifteen-year-old Alice has always been a good Catholic, but when an innocent AOL chat turns unexpectedly racy, she finds herself suddenly obsessed with masturbating. Written and Directed by Karen Maine | Produced by Katie Cordeal, Colleen Hammond & Karen Maine. Won BEST SHORT at the 2017 St. Louis International Film Festival. Received HONORABLE MENTION from the 2017 Hollyshorts FF

Angels of sex, Xavier Villaverde

Bruno, a struggling student, loves his girlfriend Carla but discovers a new side to himself when he meets a street dancer named Rai. A new generation navigates sexual fluidity, torn affections, and open relationships in a steamy love triangle. The movie depicts a polyamorous bisexual relationship and love triangle between Bruno, Rai and Carla.

ShortBus, John Cameron Mitchell

The Human Body Isn’t Vulgar, Bad Filmmaking Is

It took decades to liberate art from traditional morality, with generations of authors struggling to get their visions to pass strict censorship rules. Once the controls were relaxed in the late 1960’s, sex suddenly became a part of nearly every high-production film, often serving no other purpose than to boost box office numbers. Instead of freedom of expression, we got a bunch of cheap thrills.

 Of course, the treatment of sexuality in film doesn’t have to be banal and certain stories simply require it. Rare directors manage to toe this line successfully, going over the edge in terms of visual shock but justifying their actions through meaningful collation of explicit scenes with the rest of the script.

 Few ever did it more convincingly than John Cameron Mitchell, whose film ‘Shortbus’ is loaded with non-simulated sex scenes, but doesn’t feel like pornography at any point.

Seraph from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films

The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment is going to be long remembered as one of the greatest and most ambitious projects in music video history. The brief: “sigur rós have given a dozen film makers the same modest budget and asked them to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from the band’s new album valtari. the idea is to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow people utmost creative freedom. among the filmmakers are ramin bahrani, alma har’el and john cameron mitchell.”Director Dash Shaw is one of the leading lights of indie comics, and he brings his very graphic-style to this work. John Cameron Mitchell (Shortbus, Hedwig and the Angry Inch) took a break from doing Lady Dior fashion films to co-write the piece. Utilizing music from two different tracks off the album, the film is a fine example of the wisdom and potential of Sigur Ros’ hands-off approach with the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment.

Why do girls feel empowered to engage in sexual activity but not to enjoy it? For three years, author Peggy Orenstein interviewed girls ages 15 to 20 about their attitudes toward and experiences of sex. She discusses the pleasure that’s largely missing from their sexual encounters and calls on us to close the „orgasm gap“ by talking candidly with our girls from an early age about sex, bodies, pleasure and intimacy.

Scarlet Road follows the extraordinary work of Australian sex worker, Rachel Wotton. Impassioned about freedom of sexual expression and the rights of sex workers, she specializes in a long over-looked clientele – people with disability.

Rachel is awesome!
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Touching Base

Touching Base Inc is a charitable organisation, based in Sydney NSW Australia, that has been active since October 2000. Touching Base developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face. Information for people with disability or their carers on how to access the sex industry and the Touching Base Referral List is contained in the Clients section of this website. Information for sex workers including training workshops, resources and information about disability is contained in the Sex Workers section of this website. We also regularly offer training workshops tailored to Disability Service Providers. Please click here for more information. This website contains some material of a sexual nature suitable for adults only. Currently, Touching Base does not receive any government funding.

Yes We Fuck IMDb 

A documentary that addresses sexuality in people with functional diversity through six real stories which show that sex belongs to everybody. It explores not only what sexuality can do for the people with disabilities, but what functional diversity may contribute to human sexuality. It breaks the pairing dependence-infantilization using explicit images that portray disabled people as sexual and sexed beings and as desiring and desirable bodies.

An idea permeates our modern view of relationships: that men and women have always paired off in sexually exclusive relationships. But before the dawn of agriculture, humans may actually have been quite promiscuous. Author Christopher Ryan walks us through the controversial evidence that human beings are sexual omnivores by nature, in hopes that a more nuanced understanding may put an end to discrimination, shame and the kind of unrealistic expectations that kill relationships.

A documentary about two „conventional“ couples that swapped partners and lived in a group marriage in the early 70s, hoping to pioneer an alternative to divorce and the way people would live in the future.

Sophia Wallace Cliteracy sites

Why Cliteracy?

„She said with her usual frankness, “but it’s not just that it made for a good slogan. It’s that once somebody is taught to read, they can’t be untaught. Once you’re literate, that’s the end of it. There’s no going back. And that’s what I wanted for Cliteracy — you don’t have to like it, you don’t have to like the art or the message or the messenger — but once you have the facts and the information, you can’t give them bjack. You don’t have to do anything with the knowledge, but you can’t give it back.”

Huffpost project Cliteracy


Becoming cliterate can be as simple as starting to say the word “clitoris” out loud — a simple recognition of the female anatomy.

The health ministry of India recently suggested that sex education be banned in the country. We look at India’s attitude towards sex through a „government approved“ sex education lecture.
This video is a work of fiction that bears no resemblance to any human being living, dead, or abstaining from sex.

Director: Sapan Verma.
Director of Photography: Siddharth Vasani.
Writer: Azeem Banatwalla and Sapan Verma.

One of the more difficult issues as we age is loneliness and the lack of intimacy. In this interview with Dr. Grof, Legacy of Wisdom asked him about this issue or intimacy, sexuality and the contact with people. He talks about sexuality being only the most obvious forms of intimacy – and that there are other, emotional ways to approach this that are quite effective. He talks about his personal experience of his mother, who was able, through intimacy of work, to overcome the typical aspects of loneliness that often accompanies aging. The non-profit Legacy of Wisdom project is dedicated to helping our aging population make Wisdom a central theme of aging.


A disarming and moving examination of a subject many of us can hardly imagine: sex at an older age. Atie (81) and Kees (83), still madly in love, tell us about losing their virginity sixty years ago, while homosexual Hans (85), for the first time in his life, experiences how love and sex can go together. Wietske (72) has just embarked on a new relationship with Fred (66), a sensitive, caring man, while she continues to care for her dementia-suffering husband.



CONSUMING OTHERS is a feature documentary film directed by Bara Jichova Tyson. It’s a film about the human struggle between love and desire. Recorded over five years with lovers, husbands, wives, mistresses, and participants in non-traditional, polyamorous relationships, Consuming Others explores our hunger to find fulfillment through acts of committing to—and straying from—our partners.

Combining over 50 ethnographic interviews, archival footage, animation, and motion photography, Consuming Others explores how we attempt to satisfy our hunger for the perfect relationship with others—and with ourselves.

Can we create a fulfilling relationship in a world defined by instant gratification and consumption? Are love and desire mutually exclusive? What does it mean to live in a committed relationship? Can we love two people at the same time? Is all lying bad?

Through confessional interviews of sex, marriage, and adultery, Consuming others reveals the hope, love, judgment, hypocrisy, fear, and anger that underwrite our permanent search for lasting love and desire—inviting viewers to explore their own perspectives and experience.

The Radical Faeries are a loosely affiliated worldwide network and counter-cultural movement seeking to redefine queer consciousness through spirituality. Sometimes deemed a form of contemporary Paganism, it adopts elements from anarchism and environmentalism.
Rejecting hetero-imitation, the Radical Faerie movement began during the 1970s sexual revolution among gay men in the United States. The movement has expanded in tandem with the larger gay rights movement, challenging commercialization and patriarchal aspects of modern LGBT life while celebrating pagan constructs and rituals. Faeries tend to be fiercely independent, anti-establishment, and community-focused.
The Radical Faerie movement was founded in California in 1979 by gay activists Harry Hay, Mitch Walker, John Burnside, and Don Kilhefner, who wanted to create an alternative to what they saw as the assimilationist attitude of the mainstream U.S. gay community. Influenced by the legacy of the counterculture of the 1960s, they held the first Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies in Arizona in September 1979. From there, various regional Faerie Circles were formed, and other large rural gatherings organized. Although Walker and Kilhefner broke from Hay in 1980, the movement continued to grow, having expanded into an international network soon after the second Faerie gathering in 1980.
Today Radical Faeries embody a wide range of genders, sexual orientations, and identities. All sanctuaries and most gatherings are open to all, though a decreasing minority of gatherings still focus on the particular spiritual experience of man-loving men co-creating temporary autonomous zones. Faerie sanctuaries adapt rural living and environmentally sustainable concepts to modern technologies as part of creative expression. Radical Faerie communities are generally inspired by indigenous, native or traditional spiritualities, especially those that incorporate genderqueer sensibilities. F

Mary Roach:
10 things you didn’t know about orgasm!

The Gayby Byby Project

IMDb Movie

Kids being raised by same-sex couples are growing in numbers

worldwide. We are in a Gayby-Boom. But who are these kids? What do they think about having same-sex parents? And do they face different issues to other kids? At a time when the world is debating marriage equality, these questions are more pertinent than ever. Told from the perspective of the kids, Gayby Baby is intimate and sometimes humorous account of four children and their families.

Diane Kelly:
What we didn’t know about penis anatomy!

In 2009, Cindy Gallop spoke at TED about her direct personal experience of technology’s impact on hardcore impact on our sex lives and launched“In an era where hardcore pornography is more readily available than ever before, there’s an entire generation growing up that believes that what you see in hardcore pornography is the way you have sex.“

Make love not porn sites

An artistic take on young love and the pressures of sex in a digital-age, Peter Vack’s 9-minute short SEND.

Milo is in the beginning stages of puberty and discovering his own sexuality. But this pivotal stage in his life is coupled with the pressures of troubled and dismantling family. As a result, Milo’s unsettled upbringing is reflected in his unsettling sexual urges. His over-worked and sullen father discovers evidence of Milo’s sexual interest and initiates a highly intense discussion based on his findings, a discussion that, because of the unstable nature of Milo and his father, quickly spirals into an acute display of agonizing frustration and resentment.

The Gender & Family Project (GFP) empowers youth, families and communities by providing gender affirmative services, training and research. GFP promotes gender inclusivity as a form of social justice in all the systems involved in the life of the family. GFP is directed by Jean Malpas, LMHC, LMFT, who has trained and published nationally and internationally on issues of gender and sexuality.

National Geographic traveled around the world to talk with 9-year-olds and ask them what it’s like to grow up in 2016, and how gender affects their lives.
via National Geographic

In long-term relationships, we often expect our beloved to be both best friend and erotic partner. But as Esther Perel argues, good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise. So how do you sustain desire? With wit and eloquence, Perel lets us in on the mystery of erotic intelligence.